The film about a girl (Putri) who possessed and survived in the name of Isa Almasih. This girl often experiences possessed for 2 years by moaning, yelling, speak weird and cursing others. Sometimes demon comes into their bodies and sometimes they do not. Her parents were so embarrassed when she had begun to be possessed. He has been brought to some shamans but the shaman has not been able to extract the spirits in her body. Then Putri's father heard that she was prayed by Yuli. Then Putri's father asked Yuli to help her. Putri's father joined a prayer meeting with Yuli and several other friends because he wanted his daughter to be free from the power of evil spirit. Her father received Isa Almasih as a Almighty God, repenting of sin and returning to God, he was baptised and received the Holy Spirit of God that will always accompany him. Through the power of Isa Almasih that has been accepted by her father, finally Putri healed. The evil spirit did not come back into his body anymore. Putri is saved.