Selamat Datang di Situs Film Kesurupan

Possessed is one of those things where a person possessed a demon/spirit so as to do strange things. The person who is considered possessed is meant to be possessed by a demon or another being so that his physical actions and speech are out of the way. People who are possessed by trance generally do not understand what is happening and do not know why he is acting like that, that is, the person when conscious and personal while being in a trance does not know each other. The two did not know each other.

Most people said that people who are possessed by possessions are being possessed or possessed by other beings. Others say that possession is a weakness of one's consciousness. In other words people who have a weak awareness will be easy possess.

The most important thing to be known is that someone can not easily possess if he has firm faith. Let Your light shine upon those who are still in a struggle to get out of trance. Outside there are still many we find people who are still living in darkness and trying to recover from trance. It is not easy for them to fight against the demons that enter their bodies. Let us pray for those who are still in the darkness and try to heal and the demons that enter within him are defeated. Death has been defeated and they have been saved.

This film is made so that those who are still in the struggle against the evil spirit that is still in their body immediately restored and they became a new man and satan no longer has power over him.